Tips for Fall Pool Maintenance

Tips for Fall Pool Maintenance

Fall in San Antonio is not quite like it is in other parts of the country. Sure, the weather may be cool and rainy one day, but then instantly turn back to mid-80’s and sunny the next. Regardless of the back-and-forth nature of our local autumns, fall is here, and the weather is cooling, summer is ending and the leaves are falling — into your pool! Fall pool maintenance is key to keeping your pool issue free going into winter.  Here are some changes and services to consider for your pool this fall.

1. General Cleaning

Removal all pool toys. Ensure the pool is in good general order. Use your pool vacuum, brush tiles and clean the pool deck.

2. Leaves & Debris

All of the oak trees that are native to this area are great, but their leaves sure can be a pain to clean up during this time of year. Fall pool cleaning involves a lot of leaf removal. When leaves accumulate in the pool, algae begins to grow and thrive. Leaves that sink to the bottom of the pool stain the flooring material.

More plant debris in the pool equals more problems, so be sure to clean your skimmer baskets more regularly, preferably every morning.  Also use a leaf net to skim leaves off the top of the water. If you have a lot of trees around your pool, keeping your pool covered while not in use can save lots of cleaning time.

3. Pool Filter

If you’ve had a busy, high-bather load summer, it might be a good time to clean your pool filter. With the debris from falling foliage and lower temperatures, a clean filter to start of the fall season is important.

4. Heating Cycle

It is a good idea to adjust your water’s heating cycle so your pool is comfortable for swimming. Evening temperatures (and sometimes even daytime temperatures) are falling and so to keep costs down, cover your pool at night.

5. Pool Chemicals

Lower water and air temperatures mean less chemicals needed. Monitor pH and chemical levels as the temperatures cool and adjust as needed.

6. Prepare for the early freeze

Is there really anything less predictable than the first couple of freezes of the fall and winter in San Antonio? One day, you’re wearing shorts and the next, you’re bringing in all the plants because the temperatures are getting into the 20s. To ensure your pool is ready, no matter what mother nature throws at it, you may want to partially winterize your pool.

And the most important tip to remember…

Contact the experts at Warren Pools! We offer all of the above services so that you don’t have to worry about them. Spend less time cleaning and maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it. Call our team today at 210-340-3529 for a free quote and consultation.  We make it easy to enjoy the beautiful fall colors, and be sure to keep those leaves out of your pool!

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