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A Family Legacy of

Serving Our Community

Why did we get into the “Pool Business?” Because we found ourselves an industry that fostered the ability to be passionate about serving others as well as providing a landscape to use our architectural backgrounds.


The business started as Woldhagen Pools and then re-branded to Associated Pool Craft in 1979. Given our long standing family history in South Central Texas, we decided to grow our  business here in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

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    Since 1949, we’ve been all about

    Family, Integrity and Trust

    Our “Philosophy” is simple.  We treat you like family. We go above and beyond for our customers and see it as a true partnership.


    We always follow the Golden Rule ( treat others how you would want to be treated). We have extensive military and corporate experience and understand that anyone you choose to do business with needs to have a high sense of integrity and if we promise we will get it done, we will.


    Trusting someone to come to your home and provide quality service is paramount to why we are in business.  As a family run organization, we want to assure you that we pride ourselves on hiring the best people. We understand that without our wonderful customers, we wouldn’t be in business.

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