Importance of Seasonal Maintenance for Swimming Pools

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Importance of Seasonal Maintenance for Swimming Pools

In less fortunate parts of the country, the annual swimming pool season is fairly short, usually running from Memorial Day to Labor Day. However, in the San Antonio area, swimming pool season can last eight months and longer. Homeowners with backyard pools can exercise and enjoy the water most of the year and can even stretch that out year-round if the pool is heated.

Given eight months plus of pool use and enjoyment, regular swimming pool cleaning becomes even more important. Without a definite down season, pool owners cannot rely on a sudden reset to reestablish proper pool cleaning chemistry. Instead, regular maintenance is the best strategy, and professional pool cleaning is the best way to keep the water clear — and your family healthy.

The professionals at Warren Pools know what it takes to keep your pool running smoothly while it is open, and they also know the challenges that the Texas weather can provide. We’ve been serving the pool cleaning needs of San Antonio since 1949. While the weather may be warm and wonderful much of the time, but the state of Texas can have some hair-raising storms and plenty of heavy rain.

Those heavy rains will quickly dilute the pool chemicals you have so carefully added to the water, throwing everything out of balance and creating a potentially unhealthy swimming environment for you and your family. Maintaining a crystal-clear swimming pool is always a delicate balancing act, one that relies on the perfect densities of chlorine, alkalinity, pH level, calcium, and other chemicals. Something as simple as a summer rain or sudden thunderstorm can wreak havoc with that delicate balance.

By scheduling a regular swimming pool cleaning, you can restore the healthy balance and make sure the chemicals in the water are optimized for clarity and good health.

Warren Pools proudly provides regular swimming pool cleanings and service weekly throughout the greater San Antonio area. We would be happy to add you to our list. Whether you need a quick tweak of the water chemistry or something more intense, we can keep your swimming pool running smoothly all year long.

The very things that make Texas such a great place to live, as the great weather year round, can take a toll on your backyard swimming pool. The heat and rainfall can promote the growth of algae in pool water, turning your swimming pool from crystalline blue to a muddy green. At Warren Pools, we understand the algae cycle, and we work hard to prevent this troublesome plant from taking root. We provide maintenance plans to meet your needs and we would be happy to service your pool today. Contact our team today to get started.

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